Sidonie Ronfard was born in Paris and is now based in Helsinki. Sidonie is a fourth year student in Photography and Video at ENSAD and MA Photography in AALTO Helsinki. She loves to create traces from the truth. Sidonie explains that it’s not that she can’t handle the truth, but it’s more fun than just roaming within the borders of what she sees. "When, what I can’t see, but can only imagine, is a thousand more times interesting then looking at you in front of me. I use what I hear to frame my thoughts to capture my emotions." (S.R)

on "Connecting in Times of Social Distancing"

« Babe I just wanna dance, I don’t really care. »


« Babe I just wanna dance, I don’t really care » is a serie of photographs where I share my intuitions only. My pictures are what I agree to expose : a beautiful lie.

They are working like filters to strain my emotions, movements, lotions, constitutions, intuitions, intentions, repetitions, combustions in all directions. It’s all there, all is there, there is all. This man with wooden horns, my white skin exposed to light, those hands, this burned root from a dead tree and his hand on my chest, they are all framed, carefully, because only I, choose which part of reality I want to show you, how I am lying to you. 

Connecting in social distancing is all about connecting to our phantasms and nature. Connecting to our past and present. My photographs will stand, still, to express my real intuitions of life, half-staged, half not. I speak up for all the silents transformations of everyday life which usually stands in the shadow of our routine, but they are today, in the spotlight of our weird distanced-life.



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