Pauline-Rose DUMAS

Pauline-Rose Dumas is a French textile artist, living and working in Paris.

Her use of textile as medium, but also of painting, collage and more recently sculpture, goes through a complex process of research and inspiration from the "everyday life". Her work gathers different know-hows (such as hand dying) to question matter and textile as an instinctive link that brings us closer to life.

on "Imagining the Next Steps"

During this quarantine, I have come to consider new aspects of my work, where the intimate resonates with the outside. By these collages, I wanted to expand moments and render the multiplicity of the images we are surrounded by.  Through textile, I can bring a multitude of details that appeal not only to vision but also to the senses. Textile then becomes an intervention that opens the image to a sensory dimension.  delà du temps et de l’espace, à des dimensions sensorielles. 



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