Lucía Zin Ungaro is an Argentinean filmmaker and multidisciplinary artist based in Buenos Aires. Since a young age she has taken an interest in music, drawing, dancing and painting. She fusions all the practices she has tried out during her younger years in many different artistic ways. The challenge that she finds the most enjoyable in her inspiration is finding the freedom of mixing all these practices in art pieces.

on "Connecting in Times of Social Distancing"

Time is dense was born during quarentine. On this temporality I came across Rosas Danst Rosas (dance video, 1997) and Pensar con Mover (book by Marie Bardet, 2012). The experience of dancing with and through both art pieces, gave me the chance of perceiving something about the time that today touches us. The shadows of a time that vanishes becomes present through the rythm of an imperative music, the repetition of an almost absent body, that waits and desperates. The video puts on scene the corporality of the time that passes through me today.

For video in Spanish (original language) click here


Woman that walks through fire is a broken puzzle that made itself through me. A silhouette drawn by a frame of sky, sea and shadows. An inside of fire, that draws the brains of an absent body. The cold, bluish grayed outside that encloses a settled body and an inside that burns to give light to itself. A self- portrait without myself.



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