Louis Chaumier is a French artist based in Paris, and currently enrolled at l’École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs. His main practices are sculpture and installation.

Louis believes that we are surrounded by forms from different fields of the human creation. These creations sometimes testify to the absurdity of certain modern social constructs.

Louis work's constitutes different starting points to reflect on displacement while provoking questioning. He aims to put in perspective the obsolete societal, historical and cultural assets.

on "Defining Home"

Look 0 Look is a project that invites the viewer to look at itself.


It’s a spring clean that turns into introspection.


The habitat is space that has lived. A place where forms and objects useful or not, loved or not, chosen or not, live. During these slowed-down times, our vision of space changes, it takes the time to look, it is forced to.

The Look 0 Look project proposes to confer upon things that surround us with the capacity to look at us. It suggests a reinterpretation of space, for and based on objects that are living in it. Childhood objects, stored objects, disposable objects, set aside objects and some absurd found objects from mass distribution form the body of it .

A language of home defined by objects when they speak.

The void that creates this period calls into question notions of consumption and production in our modern societies. It calls for a return to reason.

Contemporary life is accelerated . It leaves in its wake « excluded », « forgotten », « over mass produced » whose printed objects are the metaphor. Those things look at us, giving us the opportunity to see them better while giving up on the usefulness we assign to them. It's the opportunity to see without belief, to change our look on things that surround us, to engage a more sensitive vision of the world to learn how to mistreat it less .


Expectation, clownish or disappointing aspects, nostalgia, games or jokes, cynicism, are displacement mechanisms used in Look 0 Look to illustrate a new definition of what is given us to be seen during confinement.


Hoping that it will serve us in the future. Look 0 Look is a play on words using the name of a candy brand used in the sculptures.



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