Juliette BAIGNE

Juliette Baigné is a French artist, based in Paris.

She is interested as her main object of study, through her practice as a dancer, in the human body. She is also interested in other forms of life (animal and vegetal world). It is movement as a testimony of the living that is her first source of research and inspiration. She explores it through drawing, painting, monotype, video and more directly through performance where she tries to find a balance, through a bodily dialogue, with matter.

on "Defining Home"

"The stroke tests our very nature. The eye is solicited, not simply to admire - but to relate. Calligraphy is an art in many dimensions. Each board proposes a space-time where one relives the slightest stroke and participates in the meaning. The artist who creates a presence of ink is inseparable from the one who meditates before it. » Francois Cheng, "Et le souffle devient signe".


Juliette's work and more particularly her series "êtres d'encre" is in line with the extreme Oriental practice of calligraphy. Considered as an art of gesture, this quest for the "ultimate brushstroke" is in continuity with her second means of expression which is dance.

To trace these beings of ink, Juliette draws from her feelings as a dancer, summoning the universal forces of attraction, suspension, tension, release... Her research focuses on the precarious balance that is maintained through a tiny dialogue with gravity.


Each being of ink is born from a spontaneous gesture: repentance being impossible, the preparation of the unique line requires great concentration in order to nourish the right intention.



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