Francisca TAMBASCO & Candelaria GOMEZ SMURRA

Francisca Tambasco and Candelaria Gomez Smurra have both studied Architecture at the University of Buenos Aires and are slowly entering the artistic field.

Francisca, as a current student and Candelaria as a graduate are both interested in exploring some of the complexities that revolve around the practice using new forms of media. Their work intends to examine  the idea of hyperconnectivity and how it affects individuals in surrounding spaces.


on "Connecting in Times of Social Distancing"

This digital video piece is made up of excerpts from various online sources, transforming the computer screen into a sort of isolated room, floating in an unidentified medium, conveying ideas of loneliness, hyperconnection, anxiety, information overload, paranoia, and disconnection.


In the same way that quarantine forces us all to depend on screens for communication with the outside world—through virtual hangouts, virtual sports, and a constant need to display anxiously accelerating levels of productivity in the midst of a global crisis—this piece compresses the oscillating moods of a life lived virtually through juxtaposed imagery, both opposing and complementary, that speak to our current moment.


“The Cloud” is a video piece that reflects a virtual world: a room with a computer that allows us to gaze on extracts of videos found online…



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